Our goal is to secure the supply of personal protective equipment to our customers all over the world. With years of experience, our professional staff and partners offer a “one stop” solution to our customers needs. We are equipped to offer “turn key” solutions to our customers. Let us know what you need and we will take care of the rest!

Information about the company

We have partner factories, logistic operators and financiers around the world. Our product selection consists of personal protective equipment and hygiene supplies. OurĀ  warehouses are located in all over the world. Larger orders are generally delivered to the customer directly from factories following the agreement. We always operate in a customer-oriented manner and understand the need of healthcare professionals to anticipate the availability of critical products. Security of supply, reliability and product safety are also at the top of our priority list.

  • Quality-certified protective equipment for healthcare
  • Direct charter flights from the country of manufacture to Finland
  • Constantly updated product selection
  • Continuous production in several countries
  • Production conditions according to EU standards


Bonded warehouse & charter flights

HG-Hygienic has bonded warehouses all over the world. To meet the challenges of availability and urgency, we have charter aircrafts at our disposal.

Partner factories

Jianyuan and TUORen is one of our partner factories, and their products come to Finland exclusively through HG-Hygienic. Acquisition of protective equipment and quality assurance have been a hot button issue on media recently. We have a large number of agents and lawyers securing acquisition processes along with freight forwarders. To ensure safety, we check all products in the country of origin through TUV or SGS and also in Finland at VTT.