We import personal protective equipment from several countries. In our constantly updated product catalog you will find e.g. antibacterial paper and AirCide Clear spray, face masks, protective coveralls, aprons and caps, as well as other disinfectant and chemical technology products.

Product selection

We offer many types of safe protective equipment. Our product selection includes masks, aprons, coveralls, caps, visors and a wide range of hand towels and disinfectants. We expand our selection based on demand.


Product safety

Acquisition of protective equipment and quality assurance have been a hot button issue on media recently. To ensure safety, we check all products in the country of origin through TUV or SGS and also in Finland at VTT.


Online store

You can conveniently order our products from our online store. We collect orders from the public and private sectors, and our planes always fly with full cargo. As a result, we are able to operate faster, more reliably and more cheaply in the marketplace.


Protective equipment for municipal healthcare

The Type II and Type IIR protective masks in our selection have been scientifically tested and have received a quality certificate as a result of extensive research. In addition to masks, you can find all the necessary protective equipment for the needs of public healthcare, all in one place.

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Why HG-Hygienic?

HG-Hygienic supports the Finnish healthcare system by offering a wide range of high-quality personal protective equipment.

Trusted partner factories

We work closely with our partner factories, which provide products in Finland exclusively via HG-Hygienic. Our partner factories include TUORen, among many others.

Private bonded warehouse

HG-Hygienic has its own bonded warehouse in Beijing, where we take orders awaiting air freight. To meet the challenges of availability, we have charter aircrafts at our disposal to gain additional capacity.

Secured procurement process

We have a large number of agents and lawyers securing procurement processes along with freight forwarders. Our partner Varova is responsible for export and import forwarding!